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Aletheiaa Legal is a boutique law firm founded in August 2014. We enable and empower business owners in protecting and monetizing their intellectual property and intangible assets by providing customized legal solutions that support their commercial goals and add value to their businesses. 

300+ Clients Served

A Specialized Boutique Law Firm

Our focus is on providing legal services in the areas of Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Commercial Advisory, and Media and Entertainment Law. As a law firm, we have served the legal needs of over 300 clients from a wide range of industries, including Information Technology, Software, FMCGs, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, Travel, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Entertainment, Music, Apparel, and more.

since 2014

We enhance the business value of our clients by curating and executing bespoke legal strategies to monetize their IP and other intangible assets by aligning with their business and commercial objectives.

Trust / Integrity / Accountability

Why Us?

Aletheiaa Legal represents values of honesty, reliability, and responsibility. Our skilled team of lawyers is readily available, providing forward-thinking, prompt, and reliable legal guidance to our clients and aiding them in safeguarding their business assets.

Our Services / Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

We manage and safeguard our clients' valuable intangible assets through various intellectual property services. Additionally, we devise IP strategies to enhance the value of our client's businesses through IP registration.
To protect their interests, we also enforce their IP rights.

Our Services / Commercialisation of IP

Commercialisation of IP

Through tailored strategies, we help our clients leverage their intellectual property for commercial gain.

Our services include IP audits, due diligence, and advice on structuring IP in acquisitions, investments, and other commercial transactions. Additionally, we provide trademark, content, software development, technology transfer, and patent advice.

Our Services / Media & Entertainment Law

Media & Entertainment Law

The firm provides an extensive array of services aimed at assisting clients in navigating the distinctive legal challenges of the media and entertainment industry.

Our services include negotiating and drafting agreements concerning film, OTT platforms, music, and digital media, providing counsel on intellectual property and copyright matters, and representing clients in litigation and dispute resolution.

Our Services / Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Our Commercial Advisory practice offers guidance on a range of transactional and regulatory matters, providing advice to companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and other business entities on various aspects of operating and setting up in India.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with practical, effective, and commercially-focused solutions to address their legal challenges.

Our Services / Internet and Technology Laws

Internet & Technology Laws

As a law firm specializing in Internet and technology laws in India, we offer a range of services aimed at helping clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape related to the use and development of technology.
Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and practical legal advice to help them achieve their business goals in the rapidly evolving technology sector in India.

Our Services / Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws 

Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws 

As a law firm specializing in anti-sexual harassment laws in India, we offer a range of services aimed at helping clients comply with the legal requirements related to preventing and addressing sexual harassment at the workplace.

Our goal is to help our clients create safe and inclusive workplaces that promote dignity, respect, and equality for all.

About the Founder

Raddhika has a Masters in Intellectual Property and Commercial Law from Kings College London. She has extensive experience in Intellectual Property (IP), Media and Entertainment, Commercial and Information Technology (IT) Law and preventing sexual harassment at work.

Raddhika's unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding of various aspects of IP, IT and Commercial laws has enabled her to expertly mentor and advise an array of clients across diverse industries, including technology, hospitality, media and entertainment, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

As a testament to her excellence in the legal profession, Raddhika was recognized by Asian Legal Business as "ALB India Rising Stars 2022" for being amongst Indian lawyers under 40 who have been making an impact in the country's legal scene.

She was also awarded "The Professional Woman Of the Year" by FKCCI

Client Testimonials

Gaurav Kapoor
Founder Hiring Express Inc.

Raddhika is very approachable, can explain the most complex legalese in plain English. We were pleasantly surprised by both the depth and the breadth of Raddhika’s understanding of our domain, which has intricately technical, procedural and human dimensions. We have worked with some prominent legal teams in the US and can say without hesitation that the level of quality and professionalism in Aletheiaa’s work is world class.

Mr. Amit Singhal
Founding Partner @ Fluid Ventures
CEO @ Startup Buddy Services Pvt. Ltd.

I am working with Raddhika Singh since 2016. She is our Legal Advisor and we refer our portfolio companies to Raddhika for their legal services. She has a very through knowledge about the subject specially in regard to requirements of the startups. She is very prompt and give lots of guidance to the clients with her rich experience.

Mr. Dev Jindal
Director - Cardiometcare Plus Health Solutions Pvt Ltd

We, ClinAlly- a healthcare start-up, needed someone who can understand your concerns, advise you according to your needs, and handhold while working on agreements and applying for trademarks, etc. Raddhika is simply brilliant in her field. She knows precisely what the requirements of a start-up from legal aspects are and what is required for a start-up to secure its assets/IP. She has the amazing ability to see roadmaps and potential roadblocks that a start-up might face during its journey.

Mr. Arjun Bala
Managing Partner Mateyage IP Strategy Consulting LLP

I have been working with Raddhika Singh for over 3 years for Trademarks, Copyrights, IP due diligence, and commercial agreements. She has deep expertise in complex IP matters, and she gives practical advice and recommendations that can be easily understood and implemented by clients. She engages with her clients as an IP counsel by understanding their business, and provides bespoke legal advice. Her experience of working with hundreds of startups is very valuable for startup companies.

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Please write us at any time you would have any kind of concern or question. We would enjoy to help you.

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